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Premium Partners, Practical Design

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Our domes are a collaboration between architects, engineers and local craftsmen and women, brought together to create something unique for the tourism sector. Their design has been tested and refined in the field and incorporates feedback from hundreds of guests, optimising every aspect of the design. The crafted interiors utilise premium products and materials, combined with clean practical design to ensure a great user experience, but also easy housekeeping and minimal maintenance. Safety is critical and subtle design features means that safety does not have an aesthetic price.

A Collaboration Between Architects, Engineers and Local Crafts

Crafted interiors

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Commercial Benefits

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the Wilderness Tribe

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For today’s travelers offline is a new luxury. Dome offers a window to the world, no TVs, no wifi, no distractions. We seek partners who share our love of nature’s unfiltered beauty and want to give you a product that fully appreciates it.


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We aim to minimize the footprint of our domes, even offering off grid power and heating solutions, minimal construction requirements and a design that blends into the landscape. With water/sewer/electric at sites, the domes can be operational in 4-6 weeks. We can install or provide detailed guidance for your local contractor.


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For any hotelier the payback period is an important part of any investment decision. We can provide you with detailed data from our existing locations to help you fully appraise the decision.

Commercial Benefits

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& Monitoring

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Maintaining a consistent internal environment is crucial to the guest experience so they can enjoy thunderstorms and starry skies in the same bubble of peace and tranquility. We work with a number of smart home partners to ensure your dome’s temperature, pressure, humidity and electricity demands are constantly monitored Giving you complete control.

Integration into
Existing Resort

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We can facilitate the integration of the domes into existing infrastructure with minimum impact on the current product. Carrying out a comprehensive analysis of any additional operational requirements.


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The domes are designed to stand up to the elements. The modular design ensures that any damage can be quickly and easily repaired without the need for deconstruction. Daily cleaning is as easy as for any similarly sized guest room and the external surfaces can be cleaned weekly in less than an hour.

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